All About Me

Hello......my name is Annelies and I am the one woman show behind Me Jewellies (except for my Mammy’s crocheted twine bags 😍) I got into jewellery making after a looooooooot of soul searching. I signed up for a part time Silversmithing course in The School of Jewellery Ireland in Dec 2018. As soon as I sat at the bench I was instantly hooked, it was love at first saw 🪚 After my first class I went home with a chunky hammered ring, which I still wear everyday. I was so proud that I created something so fabulous and wearable. I got such a kick out of it and I knew this was the beginning of something beautiful. I completed 2 terms before investing in my own tools and practicing non stop at home. My friends and family trusted me in making gifts for them, their friends and family which really gave me the confidence to grow and hone my skills. 

January 2020 I was lucky enough to head over to London Jewellery School and complete a stone setting course which has brought so much colour to Me Jewellies. I am also a member of Jewellers Academy which has helped develop my skills, they have an array of online tutorials and an amazing community. 

Me Jewellies has been my saviour during all the lockdowns we’ve been through and I’m so grateful I have this as my outlet. I am Irish and I made the big move to Glasgow on NYE (Hagmanay) 2020 for Luuuuurve, I brought all my tools over and I now have a dedicated space to create magnificent jewellery.😍 

Thank you so so so much for supporting Me Jewellies. I’m so excited to see where this journey goes....🙌
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From Me Jewellies to Your Jewellies Annelies 💕